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Digestive enzymes are amino acids that help the stomach to digest food and the body to obtain as much energy as possible from the food consumed for normal functioning.

Irritable bowels, bloating, cramps, food intolerances?

Many digestive problems are related to inefficient food metabolism. Proper digestion is the basis of general well-being and a healthy lifestyle, which is why it is so important to maintain good peristalsis and good metabolism, thereby avoiding the feeling of bloating, fatigue and abdominal cramps.

Digestive problems associated with inefficient food metabolism can be overcome by adding digestive enzymes in the form of nutritional supplements. in this way, we can avoid bloating, cramps and discomfort after eating.


What are digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are amino acids that speed up chemical reactions in the body and enable the body to obtain enough energy from food to function properly. They participate in all physiological processes in the body.

Digestive enzymes help the stomach process all the food we eat and produce enough energy from it for the proper functioning of the body. In addition to enzymes that are naturally present in the body, there are also natural digestive enzymes in certain foods such as pineapple, papaya, mango, banana, kiwi.

Stomach problems can be overcome by taking digestive enzymes

Modern life offers us more and more industrially processed food, full of preservatives, dyes, various thickeners and flavour enhancers. All of these are substances that act very aggressively on the stomach, but at the same time they make it difficult for the natural formation of digestive enzymes, which can effectively contribute to better digestion and general well-being.

Industrially processed food, full of preservatives, acts very aggressively on the stomach.
Industrially processed food, full of preservatives, dyes, various thickeners and flavour enhancers act very aggressively on the stomach.

Digestive enzymes are not gut flora

Many people might think that digestive enzymes are part of the intestinal flora, as this is also very important for maintaining good digestion and metabolism. However, gut flora is something else entirely. Intestinal flora are the bacteria that live in our intestines.

They are located on the walls of the intestines and manage our immune system. Also, the bacteria of the intestinal flora are located on the mucous membranes. Their role in the body is to protect the organism from external invaders, bacteria and viruses. Thus, we could really confirm Hippocrates’ saying that 80% of our immune system is in the intestines and that all diseases originate from the intestines.

Digestive enzymes allow the body to absorb from the food we eat all the nutrients it needs for normal functioning and which the cells need to have enough energy for everyday life.

How to choose the right dietary supplement with digestive enzymes?

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the dietary supplement contains really high-quality digestive enzymes and whether it contains all digestive enzymes. For a good metabolism, the body needs all the digestive enzymes, because this is the only way to ensure that the food will be metabolized well, and the body will get all the necessary nutrients and also absorb them.

Digestive enzymes cannot replace each other, so it is very important that the selected nutritional supplement contains all enzymes.


• They help break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates

• They help in the absorption of nutrients from food

• They reduce bloating after a meal


Digestive enzymes are a unique support for the entire digestive system

Digestive enzymes significantly improve the digestion of various substances and improve the feeling after eating. These are amino acids that act as catalysts and speed up chemical reactions in the body during food processing.

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