More energy for more life

A healthy diet and physical activity are the key to health, well-being and good looks. But is that really true ? Are you perhaps one of those who follows the guidlines of a healthy lifestyle, but still struggles with excessive fatigue and extra pounds?

Due to the fast pace of modern life and aging, bodily functions are also starting to change. Metabolism slows down, the energy obtained from food, which would be necessary for daily activities, is not fully consumed and begins to accumulate in the form of adipose tissue … And good metabolism is crucial for many processes in the body. Why? It helps us regulate weight and can protect us frm many diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Are you also tired several times for no particular reason?

A good and fast metabolism allows the body to process all the energy it gets from food and uses it for normal functioning. However, by slowing down the metabolic processes, energy from food is not consumed, a lot of food leaves the body unused and thus the energy intake is small. A feeling of tiredness appears.

Are you also among those who gain weight just by looking at food ?

Surely you know people who can eat large amounts of food and not get fat because of it. And you certainly know someone who watches what he puts in his mouth, who diligently counts calories, but he easily gets fat. We humans are different because it doesn’t all depend on what and how much someone eats. Much depends on the metabolism, on whether the energy from food is more or less efficently used. Over the years, the rate of metabolism begins to decline and the body begins to accumulate nutrients from food into extra pounds. But there is a solution. In Biostile, our experts, according to the formula dr. Majić, dr. medicine internist cardiologist, for slowed metabolism designed nutritional suplement Energy Plus.

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